Introducing Key Characters To My Life Story


Hi. I’m Mel. Short for Melissa – just so you know. I’d love to introduce myself to you, and also to the three people in my life who mean the very most to me. This is a photo of us taken a few weeks ago at a friend’s wedding. It is very possible that they will be mentioned here frequently, and so I feel it is only appropriate that I give them a fair and reasonable introduction. Hopefully this will give you a realistic representation of them, as opposed to my possibly slightly biased stories as they come up.

1. Paul

Also Known As: PDaddy. Handsome Hubby. BFF. The man I love and am so glad to have married.

Three words that I think describe him:
Passionate. Determined. Serving.

Three words he uses for himself (with some persuasion):
Passionate. Faithful. Generous.

He spends his time studying Theology – on his way to a Masters of Divinity. He is also known for tickling and dancing with his two little girls, and passionately discussing the in’s and out’s of the Christian faith (and life) with me.

2. Heidi Abigail 

Also Known As: The Tornado. Little Munchkin. Little J. Our Free Spirit.

Three words to describe her:
Energetic. Social. Determined.

Three words/phrases she says a lot:
Awake! Dinner. Baby sister.

She spends lots of her time dancing and spinning. Her favourite activities are drawing, going to a local farm, swinging on swings, and saying “Amen” whenever she wants Paul and I to stop talking. She is an absolute delight, and just a little bit of a Daddy’s girl.

3. Pippa Violet

Also Known As: Pippety Pop. Our Little Coconut. Sensitive Soul. Mohawk.

Three words to describe her:
Sensitive. Smiley. Content.

Three things she does a lot:
Smiles. Loud burps. Dribbles.

As a four month old baby Pippa doesn’t do a lot. Sleeping, feeding, smiling, watching her big sister and most of all brining joy to those around her. This little one needs lots of cuddles and reassurance, but when she has that she is a very content little girl. She warms many-a-heart with her generous smiles.

4. Me

Also Known As: Melly. Melissa. Mummy. Mel. Melf.

Three words to describe myself:
I wanted to do this, but felt a bit pretentious – so I will leave it for you readers to work out over time. Why is it so hard to do for yourself? I think it is one of those Australian cultural things where you should never say anything good about yourself! Hard to break out of it.

Ways I spend my time (too hard to limit myself to three!):
I spend my time caring for our beautiful girls: changing nappies, breastfeeding, menu planning, grocery shopping, cleaning, trying desperately to think of new ways to entertain our ever-changing toddler, running, studying the Bible, going on date nights with Paul, and catching up with friends. It is a lot easier to write down what I do as opposed to what I am good at.

Thank you

For taking the time to get to know me and my family. I would love to know some more about you.

Can you describe yourself in three words? Do you think that it’s an Aussie thing to not be able to say, “I’m great at……”? And do you have pet names for your children/spouse/family members?

Here’s to getting to know you all better as we go on this blogging journey together.


4 thoughts on “Introducing Key Characters To My Life Story

  1. True Story: I just filled out an application form for something, and next to a list of skills they ask you to rank your proficiency (none, limited, moderate, high). Guess how many i put as high? zero. I blame Australia. And possibly my lack of skills.

    Love you guys xx

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