Kids & Hospitals & Doctors


Despite having a ridiculously gorgeous baby, I am trying to forget that last week even happened.

Here are some ‘interesting’ statistics about last week (Mon-Fri only):

Trips to the Doctor: 5 (!!!)
Trips to Hospital: 3
Number of broken bones: 2
Number of teary moments: 2 (I thought that was pretty good!)
Family members who are now relatively well: Everyone.

The (very) condensed version of events is as follows:

Pippa (did I mention the gorgeous photo above?) has a temperature of 39.3C (!!)
I take her to the Northern Hospital
There are bad grass fires very close by
I take her to the Austin Hospital
The Doctor tries to get blood and urine samples repeatedly
All attempts fail
(Meanwhile, Heidi falls off a chair at home)

Follow-up appointment at Doctor’s for Pippa – recovering nicely from Gastro
Get Dr to check Heidi’s sore arm
Get X-Ray for Heidi
Go to the Austin ED and Heidi’s fractured wrist is placed in a cast

Heidi has no cast on in the morning
We go to Dr’s – he puts one one

Heidi has no cast on in the morning
Go back to Dr’s and say hello to another cast!

No one from this family has gone to the Doctor’s since Tuesday.

that’s two full days…at least it’s an improvement!




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