Fitness Friday #2

This week was my last week of a relaxed exercise program (read: no program), as I will begin my 10 week running program next week. So this week’s exercise consisted of:

2 x 4/5K runs – moderate intensity

1 x 3K walk with the double pram – with somewhat flat tyres…which increased the required energy significantly!

1 x 2 hour Horse Ride 🙂

I would have liked to have done at least 1 more run this week, but didn’t really have motivation for serious running efforts when I am beginning my countdown program next week.

I am worried about being able to pull off the training required to run my 10K in under 60 minutes. I don’t know if I can stay motivated, or even just run quickly enough. And then I got my Runners World magazine today, and it had a lot of different articles about the mental side of running (as opposed to the physical side). It was great to read some ideas, suggestions and tactics for how to combat getting over mental hurdles that can hold you back physically as well. It was a great reminder to me that running can be much more connected to mental barriers than physical ones.

When I started running I used to think, “I could never run a 5K” because I ‘wasn’t a runner’, because I was unfit, and because that was something that other amazing people who were somehow blessed with a supernatural ability to run did. I now know that I too can run 5K, but somehow that similar mental barrier is there for a 10K!

I love the motto, or mantra, “More effort, more reward” and I often repeat it to myself in my training. Those times were I am physically really feeling it, remembering that I am getting one step closer to my goal can be just what gets me through. But the mantra applies to my mental strength as well. If I can practice on building mental stamina during training, as it too requires effort and practice, then hopefully that will also pay off on race day.

And when I think too, that I am running for an even bigger purpose – to raise $700 for World Vision, that helps things to stay in perspective too. That if my time isn’t great, and if 10K is difficult the whole way, than at least some good will come out of it anyway. It’s not just about me this time! And that is a very good thing to remember.



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