Japan Day One

It’s warm and balmy here in Tokyo tonight. A nice change from the drizzly Melbourne weather we left, even though the clouds leave a similar gloomy haze in the atmosphere.

We left our home at 4:30am yesterday morning, caught 2 flight and 1 train and arrived at the place we are staying about 10:30 Melbourne time (9:30 Japan). Safe to say, we were quite tired!

As I looked around on the flight yesterday I noticed that while there were a few kids and babies, there didn’t seem to be anyone else with a toddler and a baby. We certainly don’t always go with the easy options!

Heidi and Pippa were amazing though, and we all managed to actually get some sleep on the plane (though not all at once). No major tantrums (from Heidi at least), and we all arrived, along with our luggage, just as we had planned.

And now here we are. It’s amazing really. One long day later and bam! You’re in a far away country! When you don’t see any of the distance travelled its an odd kind of thing. Mentally your brain has to make a giant leap without a lot of cues to get you there. Good thing we humans are adaptable!

We met with OMF Japan Field Directors today, as well as the financial advisor. Both were warm and helpful meetings, and we are feeling affirmed in our decisions. Alex also arrived this morning, and we have enjoyed his time here with us so far.

So many thing assault the senses, but the biggest is just the obvious need for hope in Jesus Christ. He’s missing everywhere. Hope is nowhere. People rush about, but where are people actually heading?

May we be a beacon of hope even on this trip. Please pray for us.

(I hope this post makes sense, as I a really very tired…)


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