I have wanted to write a blog for a little while now. So here goes!

I hope that this blog can focus on a few different things – things that shape me, interest me and bring joy, meaning and love to my life. And I hope these things can do the same for you. And those things may include topics like:

Family Life: Stories, photos, activities, toddlers, marriage, household stuff, menu planning, fun!

Spirituality: My relationship with Jesus, thoughts and reflections on the Bible, struggles, joys and all the in-betweens, church life, missions, women in ministry, and family devotions.

Health: Food, fitness, running, balance, priorities, and sport.

People: Cultural snapshots, women’s issues, and friends.

Culture: Japan, Japanese, life in Australia, differences, racism, and travel.

I hope that you can read with interest and enjoy the discussions.


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