Fitness Friday #3 & #4

I have to catch up on some Fitness Friday blogs, as life has conspired against me getting them done in the last few weeks. So here goes.


Week 1 of my 10 week training program saw me enthusiastic and motivated…yet unwell. My first run went really well, but this is what the week looked like:

Monday – 5 x (5mins jog/2mins walk) Total time = 35 minutes. Killed it. Ran faster, because I want to run faster. Felt good.

Wednesday 7 x (4mins jog/1min walk) Total time = 35 minutes. In bed all day. Well, as much as one can be whilst looking after a baby and a toddler. No exercise done.

Friday 3 x (10mins jog/5mins walk) Total time = 45 minutes. Still recovering from 2 days in bed/on the couch, and nowhere near ready to do this. Although I feel better than the other couple of days, it’s not simply a case of the sniffles. It’s the achey head feeling that makes a run near impossible.

Possible catch up runs over the weekend – This was a good thought. I was on a Women’s Church Retreat, and had thought I might enjoy a run beside the beach. But then Pippa got sick, and instead of it being a relaxing weekend, I was up at night with a screaming baby, with no husband to help. She also decided to mostly not sleep unless she was in my arms for the weekend. Thus no running occurred.

Feelings – I was so discouraged to not be able to get into my running routine as I had been hoping to. But I kept reminding myself that it shouldn’t make me give up on everything. And so I looked forward to week 2 with optimism, if not a little apprehensively.


I was feeling mostly physically better, although both the girls and Paul have the dreaded cold now, which does impact my ability to get out of the house. Still hopeful.

Monday – 5 x (6mins jog/2mins walk) Total time 40 minutes. Good run. Happy that I could get out, and felt fine.

Wednesday – 7 x (4mins jog/1 min walk) Total time 35 minutes. I run for the first time in the dark. I’m not keen on doing this, as I don’t feel very safe, but it was dusk when I began, and I tried to stick to well lit paths. But I felt great!! I went about 5K, and considering there was 7 or so minutes of just walking in there, I was glad my pace seems to be improving. I felt fine when I got home, like I could have kept going. Great buzz.

Friday – 3 x (11mins jog/5mins walk) Total time 48 minutes. So different to previous run. I am not feeling good again, as the cold has paid me another visit, though not such a severe one this time. I head out late in the afternoon, and manage to get about 20 minutes through the program until I feel sick in my stomach and very dizzy in the head. So I have to walk all the way back. And I am worried because Paul is unwell with the girls both awake at home, but what can I do? So I finish feeling discouraged again.

Feelings – I am so inconsistent! A great run (by my standards) leaves me feeling great, and a bad one, well, just the opposite. But I guess that all I can do is my best, and stick with the plan.

Overall – I’m wondering about the smartness of my desire to do the 10K in 60minutes or less. If I was just thinking about running 10K I think I would feel less pressure. I’m not too bad at the long and (very) slow. Speed is not my friend. But it’s not bad to aim for something, is it? I just don’t want to disappoint myself. But maybe I won’t? See how conflicted I am? Well, I have made the commitment, so maybe I will just stick at it and see how it goes. I am hopeful that I will surprise myself rather than disappoint myself.

On another note, I’m looking forward to spending a little bit of birthday money (from January!) my parents gave me the other day. I’m looking at getting a running case to strap my iPhone to my arm, some headphones and maybe, if I have some leftover, an iTunes voucher. I think music might help me find a good pace. Any recommendations on iPhone cases? Is that even what they are called?

I’m into another week now, and am planning on running tomorrow. I feel like there is always a reason not to run (ie: I have to get up a few times during the night as Pippa is teething, and Paul is still not well, and, well, everything). But I guess there is always still a reason that I should run (ie: health, example, post-run endorphins, mental health, energy). I hope that the latter wins out!

Fitness Friday #2

This week was my last week of a relaxed exercise program (read: no program), as I will begin my 10 week running program next week. So this week’s exercise consisted of:

2 x 4/5K runs – moderate intensity

1 x 3K walk with the double pram – with somewhat flat tyres…which increased the required energy significantly!

1 x 2 hour Horse Ride 🙂

I would have liked to have done at least 1 more run this week, but didn’t really have motivation for serious running efforts when I am beginning my countdown program next week.

I am worried about being able to pull off the training required to run my 10K in under 60 minutes. I don’t know if I can stay motivated, or even just run quickly enough. And then I got my Runners World magazine today, and it had a lot of different articles about the mental side of running (as opposed to the physical side). It was great to read some ideas, suggestions and tactics for how to combat getting over mental hurdles that can hold you back physically as well. It was a great reminder to me that running can be much more connected to mental barriers than physical ones.

When I started running I used to think, “I could never run a 5K” because I ‘wasn’t a runner’, because I was unfit, and because that was something that other amazing people who were somehow blessed with a supernatural ability to run did. I now know that I too can run 5K, but somehow that similar mental barrier is there for a 10K!

I love the motto, or mantra, “More effort, more reward” and I often repeat it to myself in my training. Those times were I am physically really feeling it, remembering that I am getting one step closer to my goal can be just what gets me through. But the mantra applies to my mental strength as well. If I can practice on building mental stamina during training, as it too requires effort and practice, then hopefully that will also pay off on race day.

And when I think too, that I am running for an even bigger purpose – to raise $700 for World Vision, that helps things to stay in perspective too. That if my time isn’t great, and if 10K is difficult the whole way, than at least some good will come out of it anyway. It’s not just about me this time! And that is a very good thing to remember.